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Welcome to the Half Price Dentist™ Home Page. After years of research we have found one of the PLANET'S best kept secrets. A Full service Modern Dental Clinic that does quality Dental work for as much as 75% off your local prices!

This Dental Clinic has been satisfying it's clientel for 20 years. Dental work is completed in 1 or 2 days. All materials used are of the highest industry standards that you have come to expect. The very same materials used by your local Dentist's. All work has a full 100%


Half Price Dentist

6015 Redlands NW
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Use our secure server below for VISA or MASTERCARD purchases. Credit card orders are just $4.95 and your information packet will be e-mailed to you immediately upon receiving confirmation of your order.

Mail orders are accepted at the address above. Submit your check or money order for $5.90 US payable to HALF PRICE DENTIST.

(Includes .95 for postage & handling)

Order today and start saving real cash with this money saving information. If for ANY reason this dental clinic cannot substantially beat your local dental prices, we are offering a full money back guarantee, for a full 90 days from the date of purchase.


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Your INFORMATION PACKET includes two (2) toll-free numbers to contact the clinic, the address, and description of the full services that they have been offering for over 20 years now.

Also included in your packet is the source to save as much as 50% on airfare, accommodations, and meals!

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